Baiting family pets the ultimate ‘dog act’

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IT’S such an act of pure bastardry, the perpetrators are barely worth wasting the newsprint on.

But those responsible for poisoning family pets in Glenfield Park should at least know this.

When you are caught, and you will be, the justice system might give you a break with a soft sentence.

But The Daily Advertiser won’t.

You will be named and shamed on the front page, as is befitting of such a reprehensible act.

You haven’t just murdered defenceless animals andleft theirinnocentowner distraught and devastated.

You’ve planted a seed of fear in every pet owner in Wagga.

And you’ve helped erode the community’s trust in itself.

Deliberately harming animals indicates a high-risk of a psychopathic disorder.

Perhaps you should seek help.

If you were trying to kill the dogs because their barking was offending your delicate sensibilities, then that’s almost as bad.

Try contacting police or a council ranger first.

Either way, your unspeakably cruelty is the ultimate “dog act”.

Not in the ball gameSpeaking of “dog acts”, the alleged brutal assault on a Narrandera Aussie rules player last weekend strikes to the heart of an issue confronting all contact sports.

Where is the line between an act being “part of the game” and an act being criminally negligent?

The blow thatbroke Narrandera coach Tim Sullivan’s jaw certainly appeared little more than a thuggish assault to those on the sideline.

So much so that Mr Sullivan is considering legal action against the opposition player.

The fact the assault may have been provoked, which some claim it was, is immaterial.

An assault on a football field is no different to an assault on a footpath outside the pub.

If such an act was allowed to go unsanctioned, what message would that send to the teenagers on the sideline looking on?

Football is a tough game and testosterone-fuelled men will often make bad decisions in the heat of battle.

But assault is assault, whichever way you colour it.

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