Consider your thyroid

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RIBBON: Brooke Neindorf displayed one of her sport shoes which has a yellow ribbon tied to it to support thyroid cancer research.A LOCAL thyroid cancer survivor is letting people know about their lesser known gland during Thyroid Awareness Month in May.

As part of the month the Australian Thyroid Foundation is educating the public about the gland’s role in the body and about managing thyroid health.

One person who is familiar with the gland’s role is Brooke Neindorf, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2013 after having some issues with her voice.

Ms Neindorf said it was important for people to be familiar with good thyroid health.

“Awareness is key and it’s about getting awareness out there because not a lot of people knew what a thyroid was,” she said.

The thyroid is a bow shaped glandlocated in the front of the neck below the Adam’s apple.

The gland uses ingested iodine to produce a hormone which regulates functions including body and brain growth, body temperature and metabolic functions.

As well as cancer conditions can include hyper or hypothyroid where too little or too much of the hormone thyroxine is being produced affecting metabolism.

Ms Neindorf said May was an ideal time for Thyroid Awareness Month because of the cooler weather and it would give people awareness on any symptoms they were unsure of, including a hoarse cough and tiredness.

“If you’re not really sure ask your doctor if it’s anything to do with the thyroid,” she said.

Ms Neindorf has continued to show her support for thyroid awareness through wearing a gold bow on her shoes when playing sport.

The importance of thyroid health for women has been clearly shown with women being 10 times more likely than men to be affected by hypothyroidism and 50 percent of pregnant women being iodine deficient.

Australian Thyroid Foundation president Beverley Garside said during May and beyond people were encouraged to check their neck and see a doctor for advice, or request a test or ultrasound if concerned.

More information is available at老域名thyroidfoundation.org备案老域名

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