Editorial: Schedule in time to share with mum

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We are all busy.

In fact, we all seem to be horribly busy, juggling work commitments, child commitments, social commitments and the plethora of things that makes up life.

But underneath it all is something that makes it all worthwhile – the people you love and who love you back.

For most of us, that is family.

Lisa Warren’s amazing story – just thinking about packing the school lunches and taking the kids to after-school activities makes your head spin – highlights the fact that this is what life is all about.

It takes an incredible person to take such a capacity for love to those lengths.

She has seen a child die, has cried over a baby they thought would be part of their family forever, has dealt with endless schooling issues and always seems to come up smiling, with room for one more child.

That takes unbelievable organisation and dedication.

But whether your mum has been mum to one or 40 children, if she has been there for you, she is worth celebrating.

Your mum, whether she gave birth to you or took you in, plays a role that is unique.

When I became a mum myself, so much about the world suddenly made sense.

Life was a whole different place.

I came to understand my own mother in a way you just can’t until you are faced with your own set of child-related challenges.

When you have a child, you can relate to the parent looking down at the toddler throwing a tantrum in the supermarket and feel their pain. You can remember the aching tiredness of those early baby days. You can relive the day you fell asleep standing up while hanging out the washing.

And you can understand why everyone always tell you to enjoy your children – “they grow up so fast”.

They do grow up so fast.

Ten years have past, we have maybe eight years left with our child in the house.

The photos of their first step, their first day at school, their first school dance, all of those things can make you cry.

They are things you try to remember when they argue, whinge, and are just downright non-compliant.

And they will be!

All the things that Lisa Warren knows make it worthwhile – the smiles, the laughter, the shared time – they are worth more than any millions.

And, if that is what you had with your mum, remember it this Sunday.

Take the time to tell her that life growing up was good, and however old you are, she is still your mum.

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