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WHERE IS MY MIND: Chris Brown is a budding Yass artist with a passion for pop art. Photos: Jessica Cole.A young girl sits in the middle of an empty room, her shirt hangs carelessly off her shoulders adorning her bare back, holding tightly to her knees. Where there should be a sense of foreboding, there is contentment and truth.

“I like the story a face has to tell, I like capturing an emotion and putting it on canvas.”

Chris Brown is a far cry from the brooding emotionally-charged person you would expect when viewing his art. Having grown up in Yass he is a true country boy at heart. Yet, give him a brush, you could swear he had surfaced from oriental origins.

“I love pop art and I guess that’s where I get my technique,” he said.

“They all just come out of my head really, I watch a lot of movies and read a lot of books. I have a pretty big imagination I guess,” he laughs.

A house painter by trade, the 28-year-old Yass man doesn’t want to be bogged down with the pressure of creating his artwork on a commercial scale.

“I just like doing it for myself instead of someone else,” he said.

“I can’t remember when I wasn’t creating art. Pretty much all my school books were drawings, I couldn’t stop drawing, even in maths.”

His subject matter changes and is often driven by what he is experiencing at the time, deriving elements from television, advertisements, films, and cartoons. Using bold swaths of colors, often straight from the can or tube of paint, putting down images which have been indelibly stamped in his mind.

“I just imagine something and try to put it on the canvas or paper,” he said.

“Sometimes I go a month without painting a thing and other times I can do around 10 in a night. It really depends on whether I have anything to put to canvas at the time.”

Emerging only recently on the Yass art scene, his works of art are born in the confines of his four by four bedroom, it’s interior charming and intense scattered with half finished or old pieces of work.

His acrylics and spray cans sit neatly in a corner and, with paint stained hands, he reaches for the window to clear away the spray fumes that carry through the house. His skin almost completely covered in tattoos – designed by him – it’s no surprise that tattoo artistry is one of his great loves.

“I got a lot of offers to become a tattoo artist, but I think that might spoil it for me. I draw a lot of pictures that could be tattoos but I’m happy doing what I’m doing at the moment.”

Chris has never had any formal training, yet is considering taking classes in the future.

“I just like creating art, so it’s more about me than anything, so I could take classes but I’m happy just working on my own stuff,” he continued.

“I try most things, sculpture or airbrushing, it doesn’t really matter.”

Chris’s works can be seen around Yass and Canberra. It is currently on display at Tootsie.

“I would like to keep exhibiting my stuff but it won’t change me creating it, I do that for me,” he said.

Despite his reluctance to be solely concerned with his audience, Chris Brown’s work demands to be seen and promises to impress.

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