Trio set to pay $15,000 for offences

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Illegal dumping site: The offences came to light after household waste was found dumped in bushland at Saddleback Mountain, Kiama in March 2015.

Three members of a Jamberoo family appeared in Kiama Local Court on Monday,where they weresentenced on eight illegal dumping offences.

The offences came to light after household waste was found dumped in bushland at SaddlebackMountain, Kiama in March 2015.

Melissa Jane Allen,44,along with her sons Aaron Windsor,21,and Lachlan Ryan Windsor,19,appeared before Magistrate Beattie where their guilty pleas were accepted.

Magistrate Beattie heard that the two brothers had attempted to start up a small business whichincluded, among other services, the removal of waste.

The court heard that the business only carried out three waste removal jobs during its short life.

The waste removed during the provision of these services was taken back to the family’s Jamberoohome where it was sorted, some waste remaining at the home and the unwanted portion being placedon the council footpath outside the home.

The court facts revealed that the unwanted portion of the waste was then transported by unknownpersons to bushland at Saddleback Mountain, west of Kiama, where it was dumped.

Magistrate Beattie commended the two men for attempting to start up a smallbusiness and acknowledged the difficulties faced by small business owners.

However, the Magistrate questioned why a simple phone call was not made to Kiama council toascertain the correct procedure for dealing with this type of waste, saying the trio were naïve andignorant.

Magistrate Beattie said that the legislation was in place to protect the environment, and that her judgmentneeded to provide a general deterrence to people contemplating committing these types of offences.

Magistrate Beattie said that the offences were not trivial and that a fine of$1380 would apply for each of the eight offences. She also awarded costs of $4000 against the three.Council’s Illegal Dumping Compliance Officer David Waples said the community’s abhorrence ofillegal dumping was reflected in the more than $15,000 in fines and costs ordered to be paid by the threeoffenders.

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‘Rip’, ‘cut’ debate as jury given pillowcase at Roger Rogerson, Glen McNamara trial

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Former detective and true-crime author Glen McNamara has denied killing university student Jamie Gao. Photo: James Alcock Roger Rogerson is led away from the Supreme Court on April 27. Photo: Christopher Pearce

A man on trial for murder was directed to pull a dark brown pillowcase out of a plastic evidence bag for the purpose of inspecting it.

This was the same pillowcase he had held in his hands about two years earlier.

After Glen McNamara had finished examining it, it was passed to members of the jury inside the NSW Supreme Court on Thursday.

The jurors slipped on blue, plastic gloves and waited their turn to hold the pillowcase in their hands.

Some held it up to their eye level; others held it further in front of themselves as they looked to see whether or not a label had been ripped off or cut off with scissors.

What happened to the label was the subject of several questions posed by Crown prosecutor Christopher Maxwell QC on Thursday.

Former detectives Mr McNamara and Roger Rogerson are on trial for the murder of university student Jamie Gao.

They are accused of killing the 20-year-old for the purpose of stealing 2.78 kilograms of the drug ice he had brought to sell them on May 20, 2014.

Police later found the drugs wrapped in two brown pillowcases, secreted under the seat of a white Ford station wagon, parked in Mr McNamara’s garage in Cronulla, in Sydney’s south.

Mr McNamara has previously told a court that he had no idea the drugs were in the car until he discovered them two days after Mr Gao’s death.

He was so concerned the drugs would catch fire that he resolved to “seal” them in pillowslips.

But the labels were of concern to him, because he thought they might “react” with the drugs.

“When I sealed them, I saw that there were these – for the pillowslips – these huge labels. They weren’t cotton, they were like plastic,” he told the jury.

“I was concerned that it could react chemically with the drugs so I got both the labels and ripped them off.”

He did this while he was on his hands and knees on McDonald Street, where the station wagon was parked.

Mr McNamara maintains he left the drugs in the car, and did not take them up to his unit.

But the prosecution has argued he did take the drugs up to his apartment and he used scissors to “cut” the labels off rather than “rip” them off near the car.

“You brought the drugs up into the house and … you repackaged them,” Mr Maxwell said.

“No,” Mr McNamara replied.

While Mr McNamara was holding the pillowcase in his hands, Mr Maxwell asked him whether it appeared the label had been ripped or cut.

“I put it to you that you cut that label off,” he said.

“No,” Mr McNamara replied.

Later Mr Maxwell said: “The reason that the labels were taken off was that you were concerned that it would somehow link you to purchasing them at Kmart ?”

Mr McNamara denied this.

Shortly after the “rip” and “cut” debate, Mr Maxwell finished his cross-examination of Mr McNamara with a series of questions that outlined the Crown’s case.

“In short it is put to you, sir, that you were part of a cold and calculated plan to lure Jamie Gao to unit 803 and that all efforts would be made that he not be seen entering,” Mr Maxwell said.

“No,” Mr McNamara said.

“And that sometime after he entered he would be executed in that unit,” Mr Maxwell said.

“No,” Mr McNamara said.

At the end of the cross examination Glen McNamara’s daughter Lucy gave evidence for the first time.

She told the court her father had said he “had no choice” to go to a pub near Mr Rogerson’s house two days after Jamie Gao was killed.

Ms McNamara said she was told to go to a police station and say where her father had been if he was not home by 10.30 or 11pm.

“I said why are you going if you are worried about not coming home?”

The trial continues before Justice Geoffrey Bellew.

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Bankstown shooting: Hundreds farewell underworld figure Walid ‘Wally’ Ahmad

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Shot dead: Walid “Wally” Ahmad. Photo: Seven News Hundreds attended the funeral of underworld figure Wally Ahamd. Photo: Edwina Pickles

Semi Ngata, also known as “Tongan Sam”, and Fadi Ibrahim pay their respects. Photo: Edwina Pickles

Michael Ibrahim (centre) was among those farewelling Walid Ahmed at Lakemba Mosque. Photo: Edwina Pickles

Mourners attend the funeral of Walid Ahmed at Lakemba Mosque on Thursday. Photo: Edwina Pickles

Who was Walid Ahmad?Ahmad shot at shopping centre

A police chopper hovering above, convoys of luxury four-wheel-drives and the Ibrahim family – this was an underworld funeral Sydney has not seen for some years.

Hundreds attended Lakemba Mosque on Thursday to farewell convicted killer and standover man Walid “Wally” Ahmad. The father-of-six was gunned down while sitting in a cafe at a Bankstown shopping centre last Friday.

At the time of the 41-year-old’s death, he was the subject of at least one extortion investigation and a murder probe but he was well known to police for more than a decade as a prominent figure in south-western Sydney’s criminal milieu.

And with some infamous identities among the mourners, and Ahmad’s killer on the run, police were not taking any chances.

PolAir, the force’s chopper, circled above as the crowds gathered and members of the police’s Public Order and Riot Squad lapped the block.

The police were making their presence felt before keeping a respectful distance as the funeral began.

Among those paying their respects were Fadi and Michael Ibrahim, the brothers of Kings Cross identity John Ibrahim.

They pair were flanked by two of their nephews and long-time Ibrahim family muscle Semi “Tongan Sam” Ngata.

It is understood that Michael Ibrahim and Wally Ahmad had their differences over the years but that the Ibrahims’ attendance on Thursday was out of respect.

Members of the Ahmad family had previously attended the funeral of the Ibrahims’ father.

The funeral brought the street surrounding the mosque to a standstill as Ahmad’s body was carried down the steps to a hearse.

It is understood Ahmad was shot up to six times after a gym session at Bankstown Central Shopping Centre.

Ahmad’s associate Nael “Kojak” Halid and an innocent bystander, Hoda Darwiche, were taken hospital after being caught in the crossfire.

Police had wanted to speak to Ahmad over a fatal shooting at his smash repair shop at nearby Condell Park a few weeks earlier.

Safwan Charbaji, 32, was shot in the head and chest and died in the confrontation on Ilma Street. His funeral was held at Lakemba Mosque last month.

Also injured was Abdullah El Masri, 35, who was shot in the face. Mr El Masri was believed to have been a close associate of Ahmad.

The homicide investigation into Ahmad’s death moved interstate this week when a crashed ute, possibly linked to the shooting, was found in country Victoria.

A truck driver who saw the crash told police two men in the car – one dressed in a high-visibility shirt – walked away unscathed.

Detectives are still looking for the pair but are wary of confirming a link between the car and Ahmad’s killing.

With Ava Benny-Morrison

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Moyne pulls cycling funds

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CYCLING Victoria’s Tour of the Great South Coast will no longer visit Moyne Shire after the council decided to discontinue its financialsupport for the event.

In 2015 the race visited Koroit and Peterborough before finishing in Port Fairy.

Cyclists roll into Port Fairy in 2014 during the Tour of the South Coast. Picture: Rob Gunstone

When the event takes place on August 10-14 this year, it will now finish in Portland following various stages in eastern South Australia and Glenelg Shire.

Cycling Victoria chief executive Kipp Kaufmann said the cycling organisation was thankful for Moyne Shire’s support in previous years.

“Midway through last year Moyne Shire decided they were going to pursue other business development opportunities,” Mr Kaufmann said.

He added there were no hard feelings regarding the move.

“We’ve had a great relationship with Moyne Shire and still have a great relationship,” Mr Kaufmann said.

“It was an investment decision by Moyne Shire, but it’s allowed us to change the route, which is exciting for the riders.”

Mr Kaufmann said Cycling Victoria was working with councils in South Australia and Glenelg Shire to co-ordinate the race’s seven stages.

The event starts in Mt Gambier on August 10 before visiting Port MacDonnell, Penola, Casterton, Cape Bridgewater, andPortland.

Moyne Shire mayor Colin Ryan said the council had decided to discontinue its support because of the state government’s imposition of rate capping.

Over the past few years, Moyne Shire has annually given $20,000 to the Tour of the Great South Coast.

But Cr Ryan said rate capping led to a need to find $600,000 in the shire’soperating budget, leaving no room for another $20,000 contribution to the cycling event.

He said the Tour of the Great South Coast was an excellent event that Moyne Shire had been happy to support in years gone by.

The Tour of the Great South Coast is part of the National Road Series –the peak event for cycling in Australia.

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Finn to play futsal in USA

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HE may not get much of a chance to sight-see, but Finn McLoughlin is set for a trip of a lifetime.

The 15-year-old Muswellbrook athlete has been selected to play for the Australian U16 Futsal team at The Pacific Cup international competition.

The tournament, in San Jose, California, will see him play alongside the best of his peers in the country.

RISING STAR: 15-year-old Finn McLoughlin is set to take his futsal skills to the USA.

From July 12 to 20, he will be use his skills to compete with people from other countries including Japan, Malaysia, China, Mexico, USA, New Zealand, and Canada.

The teen was playing in the Australian National Championships in Penrith with Northern NSW/Central Coast.

His performance in that contest scored him a place in the USA trip.

McLoughlin said he liked futsal because it was really fun.

“And I like being in goal because there’s a lot of pressure and that doesn’t really bother me,” he said.

“When you make a save it means a lot to the team.”

For the past three years, McLoughlin’s passion for futsal has been growing.

And, he has been recognised for his efforts over the years with previous selections for international competitions.

The goalie has been fundraising for his upcoming trip and hopes to continue his futsal efforts in the future.

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Comedy, sadness, applause; Mia Madre is a ‘significant achievement’

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Nanni Moretti and Margherita Buy in Mia Madre. Photo: Alberto NovelliMia Madre

Rated M, 107 minutes


Italy’s most introverted and unpredictable filmmaker appears to have cast a female version of himself in this movie with the marvellous Margherita Buy playing an introverted and unpredictable filmmaker who’s falling apart in the middle of making a film.

Nanni Moretti has often cast himself, playing someone close to himself in his movies, as in Dear Diary (1993) or The Son’s Room (2001). His preoccupation with psychoanalysis is another reason critics lazily call him the Italian Woody Allen; that, and his flair for comedy. He played an atheist shrink brought in to help a newly elected and anxiety-ridden pope (Michel Piccoli) in We Have a Pope (2011). What we did not know at the time was that Moretti’s mother was dying during the making of that film. So now we have Mia Madre, in which Moretti examines his sense of loss and panic at the death of a parent. For those of a certain age, there can be no more universal story.

This is not strictly a comedy, as you can guess, although it has a couple of hugely funny sequences. John Turturro​ arrives in Rome as megastar Barry Huggins to play the lead in the film that Margherita (Buy, using her real name) is directing – a neo-realist political drama about workers taking over a factory after an American tycoon has bought it. Huggins tries to proposition her when she picks him up at the airport. Huggins is an ego in search of meaning, so things only get worse. Turturro is hilarious in the role, which is lucky, because the film is inevitably sad, sadder, saddest.

The idea itself seems very Italian. “A harried movie director retreats into his memories and fantasies.” That is the description on IMDb of Fellini’s 8½, but it could just as easily be this film. The movie shooting goes awry when Huggins can’t remember his lines. Margherita’s personal life is in tatters. Her mother Ada (Giulia Lazzarini) has been hospitalised; Margherita is completely unaware of the dramas in the life of her teenage daughter Livia (Beatrice Mancini); Margherita’s affair with actor Vittorio (Enrice Ianniello) is over. Her dreams begin to plague her, and the sense of linear time disappears. Moretti jumps in and out of memory without the usual visual cues to tell us what period we are looking at. It’s easy enough to work out, and a compliment that he assumes we can follow.

Complicating further, Moretti plays Margherita’s brother Giovanni. Most of his scenes are in the hospital, as their mother slips away. He is practical, where his sister is fanciful; when she brings tasty snacks from the deli, he turns up with a full meal he has made himself. When the doctor explains what is about to happen, she can’t accept the bad news, but he accepts the truth. Giovanni is the guy Moretti wants to be; Margherita is the person he really is, in other words.

Moretti’s films are never predictable: the beauty can come from anywhere. There is a scene here where Margherita and her ex-husband (Stefano Abbati) teach Livia how to ride a scooter, each parent acting as a bollard she must ride around. It seems like nothing, but it is both symbolic and natural, a grace moment in Margherita’s unravelling life.

The prestigious Cahiers du Cinema named Mia Madre as the best film of 2015 – from anywhere. (Hint: make a film within a film and the French will eat it up). I would not go that far, but it is a significant achievement. It could be a little faster, a tad more upbeat, a pinch funnier, but Margherita Buy’s performance takes it to a high plane of emotionalism. She has superb truthfulness, especially in despair. Moretti was right to change the character to a woman – that gives us three generations of women of the same family – and Margherita never feels like a man’s emotions in a woman’s body.

For Moretti, it’s partly a film about feeling inadequate, something he says he always feels when making a film. That may surprise those who love his films, but it does explain one of his great strengths as an artist – his humility, the sense that he is exploring when he makes a film, rather than explaining.

Mia Madre opens on May 5

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Refused bail after forest chase

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THE SEQUEL TO THE NEWNES FOREST PURSUIT: The dumped furniture van and police at the scene near the Wolgan Road.A MAN who led police on a bizarre pursuitthrough the Newnes State Forest in a furniturevan on Tuesday morning was onalready bail awaiting a court appearanceon similar charges.

The chase began around 7.30amTuesday when the driver of a furniture vanrefused to stop at the RMS weigh stationon the Bells Line of Road at Bell.

The van continued towards Lithgowwith police attempting to intercept it andpreparing to set up road spikes.

Near the Zig Zag Railway at Clarencethe van driver diverted into the NewnesState Forest and with two police vehiclesin pursuit continued along bush trialsbest suited to 4WD vehicles.

Approaching the area known asBlackfellows Hands near the top ofWolgan Gap the van stopped suddenlyand the driver fled into the bush.

The driverlessvan then rolled backwards to collidewith a Highway Patrol vehicle.

Police continued the pursuit on foot fora short distance before arresting a 35-year-old man who gave a Winmaleeaddress.

THE SEQUEL TO THE NEWNES FOREST PURSUIT: The dumped furniture van and police at the scene near the Wolgan Road.

The man was already on bail after anappearance in Lithgow Court last week onthree counts of driving while disqualified,police pursuit, dangerous driving andpossession of a prohibited drug.

He had been remanded at that time toappear in Penrith Local Court nextMonday.

Yesterday Kane Drew, 35, of Winmaleeand formerly of Lithgow, was refused bailwhen he appeared before MagistrateMichael Allen in Lithgow Court oncharges arising from Tuesday’s events.

He was charged with breach of bailconditions, police pursuit, refusing tostop at a heavy vehicle check station, drivingwhile disqualified and enteringenclosed land without lawful excuse.

His bail application was refused and heis to appear again in Lithgow Court nextThursday.

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David Pocock pays tribute to the woman behind his career – mum Jane

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Mummy’s boy: David Pocock pays tribute to mum Jane as Brumbies add special touch to jerseys. Photo: Jay CronanTo the rugby world David Pocock is a breakdown beast and Wallabies linchpin who holds the key to success.

But to Jane Pocock, her son David is just a “mummy’s boy” who didn’t need sleep as a baby.

Pocock’s rugby world and family life will collide when he runs out on Friday night wearing an ACT Brumbies jersey with his mum’s name printed on his chest.

It’s part of the Brumbies’ ‘ladies round’ to celebrate Mother’s Day and the women behind the rugby players who will bash themselves into the Pretoria Bulls at Canberra Stadium.

All players have their mum’s names on the front of their one-off jerseys to add an extra bit of motivation.

“Mum’s coming to the game … I think it’s really special [to have her name on the jersey],” Pocock said.

“You look at all of these athletes running around and it’s taken a lot of sacrifice from the people around them – whether that’s family or friends or a special person in their life who has helped them get to where they are.

“Being able to honour your mum in that way, I think it’s really special. Mum was always the one dropping us at sport at 6am or picking us up at 5pm.

“She’s spent her life running around after my brothers and I. I’m very grateful for her support and love over the years.”

The Brumbies desperately need to beat the Bulls to ensure their Super Rugby play-off hopes remain alive after four losses from the past six games.

Pocock looms as a key element in the Brumbies’ quest for success after making his comeback from suspension last weekend.

Playing rugby is what Pocock has craved since he was a child when he would do 450 crunches every night before bed and ask Jane and dad Andy to take his weights on family holidays.

When Pocock signed a new deal with the Brumbies and Australian rugby two months ago, the Wallabies put a photo of the 27-year-old on social media and asked fans to finish this sentence: “David Pocock is a …”

Jane Pocock didn’t miss a beat, replying with: “My darling first born son who has a soft heart and is genuinely a wonderful son.

“Caring, encouraging, loving … And he doesn’t mind being teased for being a “mummy’s boy”. I think he’s making up for being such a challenge as a baby who didn’t seem to need much sleep and a toddler who’s first words were ‘NO’ and ‘I DO IT!’.”

Jane has recently started a business as a ‘parent coach’ to help others after raising three boys.

“I think she figured after having three fairly boisterous boys she’s got a bit to offer and I agree, so hopefully it goes well,” Pocock said with a grin.

Asked if Jane was a nervous spectator, Pocock said: “I think she’s got a lot better. As long as I stay up and don’t go down I think she’s pretty happy.”

The Brumbies haven’t lost three games in a row since 2011, but are in danger of slipping further down the rankings if they fall to the Bulls.

Pocock is in the final stretch of Super Rugby games before he puts his career on hold to take a 12-month sabbatical.

“I haven’t thought about it too much, I’m very much trying to stay in the season and contribute as much as I can,” Pocock said. “It hasn’t changed my motivation or the way I approach things.”


Friday: ACT Brumbies v Pretoria Bulls at Canberra Stadium, 7.45pm. TV time: Live on Fox Sports 2. Tickets available from Ticketek.

Brumbies team: 15. Aidan Toua, 14. James Dargaville, 13. Tevita Kuridrani, 12. Robbie Coleman, 11. Nigel Ah Wong, 10. Christian Lealiifano, 9. Tomas Cubelli, 8. Jarrad Butler, 7. David Pocock, 6. Scott Fardy, 5. Sam Carter, 4. Rory Arnold, 3. Ben Alexander, 2. Stephen Moore, 1. Scott Sio. Reserves: 16. Josh Mann-Rea, 17. Allan Alaalatoa, 18. Ruan Smith, 19. Tom Staniforth, 20. Blake Enever, 21. Jordan Smiler, 22. Joe Powell, 23. Lausii Taliauli.

Bulls team: 15. SP Marais, 14. Travis Ismaiel, 13. Jesse Kriel, 12. Jan Serfontein, 11. Bjorn Basson, 10. Francois Brummer, 9. Piet van Zyl, 8. Hanro Liebenberg, 7. Arno Botha, 6. Lappies Labuschagne, 5. Marvin Orie, 4. RG Snyman, 3. Marcel van der Merwe, 2. Adriaan Strauss, 1. Trevor Nyakane. Reserves: 16. Bandise Maku, 17. Lizo Gqoboka, 18. Werner Kruger, 19. Jannes Kirsten, 20. Roelof Smit, 21. Rudy Paige, 22. Tian Schoeman, 23. Dan Kriel.

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Stephen Playford: Kedron dad accused of killing daughter case delayed

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Police at the Kedron home where Sidney Playford was found dead in her bed by her mother. Photo: Kim Stephens Sidney Playford, 6, was allegedly murdered by her father Stephen. Photo: Supplied

The case against a Brisbane man charged with the murder of his six-year-old daughter last year remains in limbo, as psychiatrists continue to assess his suitability to stand trial.

A mental health assessment of Stephen Philip Playford, 52, is yet to be completed, Brisbane Magistrates Court heard on Thursday morning, with the magistrate commenting it would be “quite a difficult report, that one” for experts to compile.

After a brief hearing on Thursday, the murder case has been adjourned until the end of the year to enable the report to be completed.

The former Brisbane mining executive stands accused of killing his daughter Sidney, 6, at their home at Kedron in the early hours of September 7, 2015 and attempting to kill her sister, his eight-year-old eldest daughter.

Mr Playford, who is being represented by Legal Aid, has been held in Wacol’s Park Centre for Mental Health since being charged with killing his daughter and attempting to kill her sister hours after Sidney’s lifeless body was found in her bed by her 36-year-old mother.

He was not required to appear before the magistrate on Thursday.

The matter is now not scheduled to return to court until November 3.

It is expected the assessment will be completed by that time, which will determine how the Director of Public Prosecutions proceeds with the case.

Mr Playford fled the family’s home in his luxury four-wheel-drive hours before his wife discovered their daughter’s body.

He was found later in the day in Gold Coast bushland and taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital for treatment.

He is yet to appear before a magistrate in person to officially face the charges laid against him.

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Water loan plan criticised

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DEBATE over a proposed water loan scheme put forward in Tuesday’s federal budget announcement is reaching boiling point.

On Tuesday a $2 billion Water Infrastructure Loan Facility was put forward for the construction of dams and pipelines across Australia.

Greens candidate Mercurius Goldstein claims the scheme will be open to exploitation by private companies.

But New England MP and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Barnaby Joyce says that will not be the case.

Mr Goldstein said the federal government was putting vital public infrastructure at risk with the scheme.

“Despite the proven failure and even fraud investigations that have arisen from the government’s loans to private colleges for vocational education, now they want to loan more money to private companies for our critical water infrastructure needs.

“Water is too important for the government to leave it to

private companies,” Mr Goldstein said.

“But Mr Joyce seems determined to allow billions in taxpayer-funded loans to private companies to build dams that may never fill, or create pipelines to nowhere.”

But Mr Joyce fired back at Mr Goldstein’s claims, saying the Greens’ candidate was “incorrect in his assertions”.

“The $2 billion loans facility will provide loans to state and territory governments, not private companies,” he said.

“Concessional loans will only be available to state and territory governments.

“The facility will not lend directly to private investors. State and private investor consortiums will be considered but the loan facility will be with the state government.

“The Commonwealth will not lend more than 50 per cent of the total value of a water infrastructure including any grant funding provided through the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund.”

Inland rail project steaming ahead

NEW England MP Barnaby Joyce has touted the $594 million spend announced in the federal budget for the Inland Rail project as a win for regional Australians, despite the fact the line will not pass through Armidale.

Mr Joyce described it as another step towards carving a “corridor of commerce” through regional Australia.

However, Armidale produce will have to be trucked to the line and may have to travel as far as Moree to be transported by rail.

“I am delighted to be part of a team that understands the incredible economic boost it will create throughout regional Australia,” Mr Joyce said.

He said the Inland Rail would be able to carry the extra two million tonnes of freight between Melbourne and Brisbane in 2050.

It was hoped the line would pass through Tamworth and up to the Northern Tablelands.

But it was decided the track would head up to Queensland via Narromine, near Dubbo, going up to Moree and crossing the boarder near Goondiwindi.

The $594 million is expected to go towards land acquisition activities, starting next year.

The project has a 10-year timeframe.

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