Port joins Make A Wish family

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Making a difference: Holiday Coast Credit Union workers Jo Hawkins, Neville Parsons, Vicki Clout with Make A Wish volunteers Peta Watters, Clayton Purkis and Hayley Purkis and Rachael Taylor-Klump from HCCU.PORT Macquarie is the newest home for the Make A Wish foundation with the worldwide organisation opening a branch here for the first time.

World Wish Day on April 29 was an opportunity for the branch to get on board and host a sausage sizzle fundraiser at Holiday Coast Credit Union.

The Make A Wish Port Macquarie team will now hold a trivia night on June 18 at the Port Macquarie Surf Club, which aims to raise as much money as possible to grant wishes to children here.

President and team leader Peta Watters said the branch began just prior to Christmas with the demand for Make A Wish in Port Macquarie strong.

“The team from Coffs Harbour would often come down to work for wishes for kids down this way,” she said.

“Thankfully we were able to start up a branch here in Port Macquarie so we can help those who need it.

“We have a great team with at least 10 individuals who have come on board. With World Wish Day coming up we thought it would be great to get the Port Macquarie community more involved.”

The funds raised go directly to helping grant wishes to children who need it in Port Macquarie.

“We currently have two kids in Port Macquarie who need our help and would like wishes granted,” Peta said.

“Any donations and all funds we raise will go towards that.”

Every day, six families around Australia receive the devastating news that their child has a life-threatening medical condition.

Make A Wish is committed to bringing the healing power of a wish to each and every one of these children and their families.

That’s 2000 families each year; four times the number that the organisation is able to reach.

Anyone who’d like to donate or help can contact team leader Peta Watters on 0402 120 323 or Toni Walls on 0434 534 665.

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Penrith Symphony delivers trumpet fireworks and the splendour of Tchaikovsky

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At The Joan: Leading Australian trumpet player David Elton, principal trumpet with the Sydney Symphony, is sure to dazzle with his virtuosic style.

Three distinctive voices of Russia will resound from the concert platform this month, when Penrith Symphony Orchestra presents Russian Splendour, the second concert of its 2016 season, on Saturday,May 21at The Joan.

The Festive Overture by Shostakovich, composed in 1954 for a Moscow concert commemorating the Soviet Revolution, is a thrilling concert-opener with grand fanfares and lively rhythms that put the entire orchestra on show.

Leading Australian trumpet player David Elton, principal trumpet with the Sydney Symphony, is sure to dazzle with his virtuosic style when he joins the orchestra as soloist in the high-energy Trumpet Concerto by Alexander Arutiunian. One of the most popular 20th-century works for trumpet, the concerto’s fiery rhythms evoke the gypsy-like rhythms of the composer’s native Armenia, while its dreamy lyricism explores the instrument’s oft-neglected sensitive side.

The concert also features the world premiere of an award-winning work, Perpetuum Mobile, by young Australian composer Richard Hair. The composer comments that the work’s perpetual motion drives an abstract sound-world in which the strings of the orchestra that provide the never-ceasing ‘motor’ energy suggested by the title.

Concluding the program is one of the great Fifth Symphonies of the nineteenth-century repertoire. Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 in E minor, written late in the composer’s life, was not an instant critical success but is one of his best-loved and most moving works. From its poignant opening clarinet solo, to one of the most memorable horn solos in the entire symphonic repertoire, to its rousing finale, it is often regarded as a musical exploration of the idea of “ultimate victory through strife”.

Fittingly, one of the symphony’s most notable performances in history occurred onOctober 20 1941, during the Siege of Leningrad. The city’s radio symphony orchestra had been directed to continue its performances to maintain the spirits of the city’s population. Even as bombs fell outside, the performance, which was broadcast live to London, continued until the final note.

Conducting the concert is PSO’s artistic director, Paul Terracini – himself no stranger to the Arutiunian concerto, which he performed during his earlier international career as a trumpet artist.

The concert begins at 8pm on Saturday,May 21at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Penrith, and a free pre-concert talk by the conductor will begin at 7.20pm.

Tickets, from $28 to $57, are available at the box office at the Joan, phone 02 4723 7600 or online at 梧桐夜网thejoan南京夜网419论坛, or at the door.

This is the second performance in the orchestra’s 2016 season. Flexible subscription packages for the remainder of the season are still available, offering substantial savings on single-ticket prices.

For more information about Penrith Symphony Orchestra, visit 梧桐夜网pso.org419论坛.

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Light and dark of ‘cosplay’Photos

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Light and dark of ‘cosplay’ | Photos FANTASY: Cosplay artists Evey Dantes, Chloe Lyttle and Rae Johnston will be guest stars at Comic Gong 2016, on May 14. See the full photo gallery online at 梧桐夜网illawarramercury南京夜网419论坛 Pictures: Supplied

Evey Dantes. Picture: Supplied

Evey Dantes. Picture: Supplied

Evey Dantes. Picture: Supplied

Evey Dantes. Picture: Supplied

Evey Dantes. Picture: Supplied

Evey Dantes. Picture: Supplied

Evey Dantes. Picture: Supplied

Evey Dantes. Picture: Supplied

Evey Dantes. Picture: Supplied

Evey Dantes. Picture: Supplied

Evey Dantes. Picture: Supplied

Rae Johnston. Picture: Supplied

Rae Johnston. Picture: Supplied

Chloe Lyttle – Feisty Cuffs. Picture: Supplied

Chloe Lyttle – Feisty Cuffs. Picture: Supplied

Chloe Lyttle – Feisty Cuffs. Picture: Supplied

Chloe Lyttle – Feisty Cuffs. Picture: Supplied

Chloe Lyttle – Feisty Cuffs. Picture: Supplied

Chloe Lyttle – Feisty Cuffs. Picture: Supplied

Rae Johnston and Eve Beauregard. Picture: Supplied

TweetFacebook Cosplay celebrity!Rae Johnston, Evey Dantes and Chloe Lyttle/Feisty Cuffs together in one amazing photo gallery – and soon to be together at Comic Gong 2016! #CG2016Several celebrity cosplay (costumed play)artists will be appearing at the Illawarra’s annual comic and graphic novel convention, Comic Gong, on May 14.

Stars include Journalist and TV personality Wiradjuri Wonder Woman Rae Johnston, Roller Derby queen Chloe Feisty Cuffsand Instagram sensation Evey Dantes.

Ms Johnston has been travelling the country for years as a professional host at comic conventions, and MC for the cosplay competitions.

Her regular character is Wonder Woman as it enables her to become a “real life role model for kids”.

“I love the reaction from kids. I’ve had a little girl come up to me shaking because she was so excited,” she said.

“They look up at you with their big eyes and ask ‘can I get a photo with you Wonder Woman’, and to be able to make their day like that is amazing.”

Ms Johnston said what she loved about Comic Gong was the happy vibe seen everywhere and the “sense of gratitude” people had for being able to meet other like-minded fans.

“The first year I came it was a tiny little convention and it was beautiful and wonderful.Watching it grow is really heart warming. It just shows there’s a huge audience of comic book fans.”

Evey Dantes is one of the cosplay competition judges and is also impressed by the growth of the event and how the culture has developed in Wollongong.

She used to be the Emo kids in school, “the weirdo in the corner everyone was afraid of”, and was dragged to her first comic book convention six years ago by her little sister.

At the time Ms Dantesnever imagined herself going out in public wearing a costume, however loved the experience and has never looked back.

“I’m quite an anxious person and get quite nervous, but being in costume brings me out of my shell,” she said.

She believesit’sa good creative outlet and stress reliever, especiallyas her day job as a nurse could be quite hectic.

In the last few years her following has flourished and nowboasts75,000 Facebook fans and 22,000 on Instagram.

“It’s pretty crazy, I can’t believe this many people would pay attention to my crazy, weird antics,” she said.

But having tens of thousands of followers on social media has it’s dark side.

Both Feisty Cuffs and Ms Dantes have both experienced identity theft.

Feisty has been alerted to at least three incidents in recent months where people were pretending to be her on various dating websites.

Ms Dantes has had similar experiencesas well as discovering companiesusing her pictures to advertise without her knowledge.

“I recently had a convention which turned out to be all a con, they were offering prints of me with tickets which I had nothing to do with. So that was quite unsettling,” she said.

“I’ve also had a few stalkers in my time …it’s a little bit scary at times.”

Overall, all three still love dressing up and being part of comic convention world.

Catch them at Comic Gong, Saturday May 14.

For more information and full programclick HERE

READ MORE: Comic fans to flood festival: photos

– Illawarra Mercury

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Baiting family pets the ultimate ‘dog act’

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IT’S such an act of pure bastardry, the perpetrators are barely worth wasting the newsprint on.

But those responsible for poisoning family pets in Glenfield Park should at least know this.

When you are caught, and you will be, the justice system might give you a break with a soft sentence.

But The Daily Advertiser won’t.

You will be named and shamed on the front page, as is befitting of such a reprehensible act.

You haven’t just murdered defenceless animals andleft theirinnocentowner distraught and devastated.

You’ve planted a seed of fear in every pet owner in Wagga.

And you’ve helped erode the community’s trust in itself.

Deliberately harming animals indicates a high-risk of a psychopathic disorder.

Perhaps you should seek help.

If you were trying to kill the dogs because their barking was offending your delicate sensibilities, then that’s almost as bad.

Try contacting police or a council ranger first.

Either way, your unspeakably cruelty is the ultimate “dog act”.

Not in the ball gameSpeaking of “dog acts”, the alleged brutal assault on a Narrandera Aussie rules player last weekend strikes to the heart of an issue confronting all contact sports.

Where is the line between an act being “part of the game” and an act being criminally negligent?

The blow thatbroke Narrandera coach Tim Sullivan’s jaw certainly appeared little more than a thuggish assault to those on the sideline.

So much so that Mr Sullivan is considering legal action against the opposition player.

The fact the assault may have been provoked, which some claim it was, is immaterial.

An assault on a football field is no different to an assault on a footpath outside the pub.

If such an act was allowed to go unsanctioned, what message would that send to the teenagers on the sideline looking on?

Football is a tough game and testosterone-fuelled men will often make bad decisions in the heat of battle.

But assault is assault, whichever way you colour it.

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Browne ready to tackle ‘hellish’ cycle

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With countless hours and hundreds of kilometres covered in training, Gunnedah cyclist Nathan Browne is two sleeps away from competing in his first “hellish” Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic.

Steve Murray, Steve Middleton, Nathan Browne and Gary Turner.

Widely considered the toughest cycle race in Australia, Browne will be taking part in his first and is uncertain of what awaits.

His goal is clear however.

“I really just want to finish it. If I’m in the mix toward the finish then who knows,” Browne said.

In the build-up, he’s received advice and training assistance from a number of people, like Garry Turner, Steve Middleton, Stuart Downes and Steve Murray, all eager to see him do well.

Murray, a committee member with the Gunnedah Cycling and Triathlon Club, competed in the race on four occasions.

He’s been quick to offer a few words of wisdom.

“I think Nathan’s the best rider in town at the moment,” Murray said.

“He’s really ramped up his riding and training in the last 18 months.”

But Browne will need to be on his game if he’s to finish the 228 kilometres, including a steep 18 kilometre climb up the Gibraltar Range.

“His aim will be to get over that [the range] and still be in the first bunch. You’ve got to preserve yourself.

“At around 130 kilometres into the race he’ll be at the summit of the range and it’s mostly downhill from there but it’s still pretty hilly,” Murray said.

Gordon Turner Motorcycles have been quick to help Nathan prepare for the event, offering sponsorship, assistance and new equipment.

They’ve provided him with a Giant propel advanced pro zero bicycle to utilise in the race, a bike you would see competitors in the Tour de France use, Mr Turner said.

Nathan will compete in the C grade division against 87 other riders.

“It’s a really sought after crown and there’s quite a bit of prize money involved,” he said.

According to Browne and Murray, he’ll be one of only a handful of riders from Gunnedah to ever take on the challenge.

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Homes of this calibre on such large parcels of land don’t come up too often in Gear Avenue. The inhabitants know they are onto a good thing and stay put, but here is your chance to join them.

Set on five peaceful acres of bird sanctuary, this property has many established plants and trees to attract wildlife.

The home is circa 1993, two storey in solid brick veneer. Downstairs are the three spacious living zones, kitchen, utility areas, office, and games room while upstairs are four bedrooms designedfor restful slumber.

There is a sunken formal lounge and dining area with feature open fireplace and mantle. On the other side of the front entrance is a more informal family room with wood fire and everyday dining space with copious bush vistas.

A bay window in the kitchen frames an enclosed pergola area. The kitchen itself is set in green and white laminate, has stainless steel appliances and a huge under stairs pantry.

On the way to the rumpus room, a converted garage, is a powder room and laundry.The rumpus room is tiled, spacious and snug. There are French doors to a second outdoor area with clear, pull down blinds.

Upstairs is carpeted and there is a study nook or extra living space in the landing as well as functioning sink and cabinet.

The master bedroom has an en suite and built-in-robes with gold rimmed sliding doors. There is also a main bathroom witha massive corner spa.

Outside is a carport, large four-cargarage, landscaped gardens and shedding.

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Former Orange hospital redevelopment to create jobs boost during construction phase

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BIG BOST: Orange City Council Economic Development Community Committee chairman Cr Jeff Whitton.THE redevelopment of the former Orange Base Hospital site has the potential to create 40 jobs a year in the construction industry over five years, according to Orange City Council Economic Development Community Committee chairman Cr Jeff Whitton.

Earlier this week Orange City Council announced it had signed the contract for the sale of the site, formalising the agreement by NSW Health Infrastructure (HI), which will see council contribute $1 million to the project, with HI agreeing to place $2.3 million of the purchase price in trust to fund the necessary demolition on the site.

The former 1970s style main three storey hospital building and the old ambulance station on the corner of Prince and Anson Streets will be the only buildings remaining on the site after demolition is completed.

Cr Whitton said council has had a strong focus on job creation over the last couple of years including supporting emerging businesses and ensure appropriate employment land is available.

“The old hospital redevelopment is part of that big picture,” Cr Whitton said.

“In the coming years this will be a significant driver of economic growth in the city,” Cr Whitton said.

Cr Whitton said residential opportunities continue to grow in Orange, including the fringes of the city.

“We have locations like the Waratahs development and the Shiralee development to the south and these suit the needs of a significant sector of the homebuyers market,” said Cr Whitton.

“The development of the old hospital will offer something new and different,” he said.

The detail in an initial masterplan released by council earlier this week and created by Michael Heenan of Allen Jack Cottier Architects shows a combination of duplex, terrace houses, granny flats and detached housing options for the site.

The masterplan includes a 28 apartment design for the old 1970s main hospital building.

Council says it expects a development application for demolition to be lodged in June, with the work due to be finished by December and construction work anticipated to start in January 2017.

Cr Whitton said the old base hospital site project has the opportunity to set Orange apart from other regional cities.

“As well as creating jobs it will add to Orange being a drawcard for people looking to relocate,” he said.

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Guilty of murdering his parents

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GUILTY: Ian Thomas is brought into Melbourne’s Supreme Court earlier this week. Picture: JOE ARMAOAn electrician accused of killing his parents on the family farm near Wangaratta has been found guilty of their murders.

The Crown case against Ian Thomas, 38, was that he strangled his mother after an argument, before laying in wait for his father, shooting him in the chest and caving his head in with a wooden pickaxe handle.

The key witness, Mr Thomas’ married lover JacintaEmselle, told the Supreme Court jury he had confessed when they met at the Cremorne Hotel in Geelong the day after the alleged murders.

She said Mr Thomas was drinking a beer and reading the paper when he told her,with a strange smirk on his face, “Let’s just say my parents are no longer with us”.

Mr Thomas denied ever confessing to the crime, claiming he had been out drinking alone in bushland near the farm when he came home to find his mother lying dead in the shed covered by a drop sheet and his father waiting for him in the master bedroom armed with a single-barrel shotgun.

Mr Thomas said he managed to wrestle the shotgun away from his father before shooting him in self defence.

He claimed he then repeatedly hit his dead father’s head with the axe handle because of what he had done to his mother.

The jury on Thursday found Mr Thomas guilty of murdering his parents, William, 65, and Pauline, 63,at their Great Alpine Road home between Wangaratta andTarrawingee, on April 21, 2013.

Thomas, who showed no emotion when the verdicts were read out, was remanded for a pre-sentence hearing on a date to be fixed.

Mr and Mrs Thomashad been married for 40 years and had five children.

Three of the children — Bernadette, Ian and John — claimed their father regularly beat them when they were growing upwith a belt he’d nicknamed “Joey”.

The other two children — Jacinta and Madonna — denied ever being physically abused by their father.

In his closing address to the jury, Crown prosecutor Peter Rose, QC, said there was nothing to suggest any animosity between William and Pauline Thomas on the day they died.

“They were a loving couple. There’s no suggestion they weren’t getting on that day,” Mr Rose said.

The prosecutor reminded the jury of MsEmselle’sevidence where she talked of Mr Thomas’ confession.

“She [MsEmselle]gives evidence of walking into the hotel and Ian sitting there having the beer, says he has ordered some food,” Mr Rose said.

“Strange look on his face. And that’s effectively when he tells her that he’s killed his parents. Tells her, ‘Mum was annoying me, nagging me, driving me crazy … come out of the shed, we had an argument, put my hands around her neck and squeezed until she fell to the floor’.”

Mr Thomas later changed his clothes and “prepared himself for his father’s return in order to murder him also,” the prosecutor said.

Defence barristerTheoKassimatistold the jury MsEmselle, who met Mr Thomas at a Queensland rehabilitation clinic for alcohol dependency in 2010, was an unreliable witness given her heavy drinking at the time.

“She’s no ordinary liar,” MrKassimatissaid.

“We are talking about gold medal-winning, world champion liar.

“You might think you can’t believe a word she said. You might think if she told you it was Tuesday the first thing you’d do is run to a calendar.”

On the issue of Mr Thomas’ evidence, MrKassimatissaid the electrician told how his father lay in wait for him, how he had disarmed him and how he shot him in self-defence.

“This wasn’t just anyone pointing the shotgun at Ian Thomas, it wasn’t just a stranger that he’d come home to,” MrKassimatissaid.

“It was his father. It was the man who hadmonsteredhim throughout his childhood …

“Add to that your father’s just strangled and killed your mother, and it might go some way, it might go all the way, to explaining what Ian did to his father after he killed him.”

MrKassimatissaid William Thomas, the man who beat his children savagely when they were young, was the same violent, angry man who killed his wife.

The defence barrister highlighted how the autopsy results showed Pauline appeared to have been hit in the face and William Thomas had bruising on his knuckles, which Ian didn’t.

The Crown said the bruising was caused by William Thomas’ years of working on the farm.

MrKassimatissaid William’s DNA was also found on Pauline’s clothing under her armpits.

“Could he have strangled her in the shed and then lifted her up and dragged her to a spot a little less conspicuous before putting the drop sheet over her?”

Strands of William Thomas’ hair were also found on his fingernails and palm of his hand.

The defence barrister asked was William Thomas holding his head after killing his wife and saying, ‘F–k, f–k, f–k what have I done? F–k’?

“The evidence is compelling. Bill Thomas killed his wife.”

The jury did not agree.

The Age

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Bigger pack could prove crucial for Bulls colts

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For the first time in his tenure as Central West Blue Bulls Under 20s coach, Scott Hatch will travel to the Country Championships with what he believes could be one of the hardest-hitting packs in the competition.

Hatch has spent several years coaching the Under 20s outfit, but never before has he had as much confidence in his forward pack as he does for this weekend’s action at Armidale.

The Bulls are vying for a chance to jump back into the top division of the Colts competition next season, the Rowlands Colts Cup.

Their first step to achieving that will be to triumph over the Mid North Coast tomorrow and then, should they achieve that, find another victory over either Illawarra or Far North Coast the following day.

Illawarra beat the Bulls in a recent trial match, but the Central West team utilised their initial 40-man squad for that match and were missing several key players.

“We have got a very big side,” Hatch said.

“It’s a side that is big right across the forwards, right through to our number 8, and including our six and seven.

“We can really play the power game and we have got a plan to accommodate that.

“Going to the Country Champs with Central West, you know you would normally be going there with one of the smaller forward packs so this year will be a bit different,” he said.

The team features three Parkes Boars – Aron Peters, James Peters and Cody Bruce.

Central West are hoping to find some vigour after their campaign last year came to a crashing halt, losing both their Cup fixtures to be relegated for this time around.

“Mid North Coast are probably in a similar position to us, with a couple of weeks of training together, but we don’t know too much about their players,” Hatch said.

“We have generally done pretty well at the championships, but last year was a bit of an anomaly.

“We took over a really strong side, but the conditions turned out very adverse to our style of running rugby.

“We were pretty much playing in a pool.

“We’ve got a group of guys together who are really keen to play and they’re building up a culture where everyone really wants to be playing representative rugby.”

Hatch said his side contains plenty of players he considers ‘key men’ that could turn the tide of a game.

“Our number 8, Dylan Carter, is a Bathurst Bulldog who is having a really big year,” he said.

“He’s been in the shadow of his brother Jaymen but now he’s coming into his own.

“Charlie McIntosh is our captain and number seven, who is a great leader in the forwards and strong in defence.

“In the backs we’ve got Alex Webster from Cowra who has got impressive organisational skills and a cracking step.

“Adam Plummer is having his first year stepping up and doing well and he was picked in the Country Under 20s side last year.”

CENTRAL WEST UNDER 20s: Joel Harper, Josh Carter, Dylan Carter, Brad Glasson, Callum Mokaroka, Cameron Sinclair, Adam Plummer (Bathurst Bulldogs), Jack McIntosh, Charlie McIntosh, Tim Seruki, Ethan Kelly (CSU), Tuppi Taekata, Josh Exner (Dubbo Kangaroos), Tia Ravudi (Geurie Goats), James Peters, Aron Peters, Cody Bruce (Parkes Boars), Lachlan Buttenshaw (West Wyalong), Travis Gibson, Corban Selwyn (Mudgee Wombats), Lochie Stewart (Orange City), Alex Webster (Cowra Eagles), Josh Lees (Yeoval)

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Here comes the Cup

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Sunday is Gunnedah Cup day with well over a thousand expected to turn out for the annual feast of racing.

Race day major sponsor Peter Pryde from Pryde’s EasiFeed and Gunnedah Jockey Club secretary manager Mark Storey with the perpetual trophy and 2016 Gold Cup in the lead up to this weekend’s Mother’s Day race meet at Riverside Racecourse in Gunnedah.

The Mother’s Day program features eight races at Gunnedah’s Riverside Racecourse including the prestigious 1600-metre Gold Cup.

2016 marks a special year for the Gunnedah Jockey Club as they celebrate their 150th year.

It also marks the 15th year of a relationship between the annual race and local business, Pryde’s EasiFeed.

Owner Peter Pryde said it was about more than just being the chief sponsor.

“This day is part of the local community. It’s nice for us to be involved,” he said.

“We feel we want to do something for Gunnedah and that’s why we remain a part of it.”

Jockey Club secretary manager Mark Storey said the support continuef to be cherished.

“Not many sponsorships or associations last 15 years. We’d like it to continue – we’ll do everything to make sure it continues,” Storey said.

On the track, Mr Storey said the recent rain was a huge bonus to their preparations.

“The track is looking fantastic after that 30 millimetre rain. Fingers crossed the weather is good on the day,” he said.

One of this year’s races will pay special tribute to a club stalwart who recently passed away.

“We’ll be having a tribute race to remember John Clift,” Mark said.

“He was a jockey club committee member between 1944 and 1966.”

Record nominations are rolling in with, 155 registered by Wednesday morning. Storey said they’d considered bumping the day up to nine races but backed down from that plan after conversations with stewards.

For those more concerned with off-track entertainment, organisers have been busily finalising preparations for marquees, lawns and gardens.

The day is especially targeted at families, with rides and musical entertainment provided trackside.

There are colouring-in competitions for the kids and Fashions on the Field is set to be bigger than ever.

“We know it’ll be a hotly contested affair,” Storey said.

Free shuttle buses will depart from the Golf Club at 11.10am, Wolseley Oval at 11.40am and McDonalds at 12.10pm.

“It should be a big day. It’s shaping up to be fantastic,” Storey said.

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